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Don explains unique methodology to fascinated investors at a investor trade show.
In his recent interview with a financial
journalist Shapray strategizes his
most unique approach to Stock Market
Options analysis with framework
analogies applied to the dynamics of public company stock moves.
With a savvy following that includes clients from Wall Street professionals to lawyers and doctors...
Quote from the financial media:
"Don Shapray is a relentless analyst. He's taking on Wall Street focusing on protecting portfolios. And he is beating the biggest stock market and Options analysts because "most Wall Street brokerage house analysts rely too much on old strategies. It's the inner circle market maker strategies in dynamic balance that is the superior trader's advantage."
He is driven to deliver the best thinking on the market's economics...

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Thanks to our protective Put Calendar Spread Proprietary Strategy!

Put Calendar Spread ( Our Methodology )
This is our strategy since 1979
We buy a longer term (3 month duration put ) at a strike price below the current market price of the underlying stock
and sell an overvalued short term( 1 month or less until expiration) put against it.

How do you profit?

What do we do?

How do we earn credits?

How do we earn more credits?

The short term put loses its value with the passage of time and/or, a rise in the stock price.

We sell high in advance and buy back cheaper = profit earned.

The strategy is to sell the next consecutive month put, and earn more credit to bring the cost of the long term put owned down to 0 or a credit ( free ride ).

We repeat the process ( sell high, buy back cheaper ) thereby earning a larger credit each time, until the put that we own expires.


Actual Opening Trade

Subsequent Winning Trade

New Lowered Cost Basis

Huge Gain on NOC

NOC 140 Initial trade 11/25
Buy Feb 140 puts 4.30
Sell Dec 140 puts 1.70 2.60 debit

Subsequent trade 11/26: Roll (Buy back) Dec 140 puts to
(Sell) Jan 140 puts for 1.15 credit
Your net investment is now 1.45 per contract Next trade 12/05 NOC moves up to 148 + 8.15
Our order to the broker:

More Profit Earned

Downside Protection

Subsequent Winning Trade

Clients who sold Jan 140 puts on
11/26 for 4.00
Buy back for 1.20
Sell Jan 150 puts for 4.50
Net credit 3.30

We rolled up our initial put acquired from Feb 140 ( sold ) to Feb 145 ( bought ) for 1.50 debit, for protection at 145 ( we have the right to sell NOC at 145 ( no matter how low it may drop to in price. )

Next trade 12/15 NOC is selling for
146.32 +2.00

Our order to the broker:

Our Total Profits Earned

Roll (Buy back)Jan 150 puts to (Sell) Feb 150 puts for 1.65 credit

We now have collected $1.15 + 3.30 + 1.35 in premiums ( $ 580 per contract ) vs. our initial investment of ($ 260 + $135 = $395) Remember, we have the right to sell NOC at 145 , (no matter how low it may drop to in price.)

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Since 1979, Ascent Option Spreads, has led investors like you into the lucrative option investing market. We can teach you how to profit in all your stock market investments. Our managed accounts methodology gives you greater returns.

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About Our CEO
Mr. Donald is CEO and the stock picking and options strategic chief guru of Ascent Option Spreads, one of the world's most innovative stock market research and analysis publishing firms.

Chief Strategist and Option Analyst
Your Chief Strategist and Option Analyst since 1979

Mr. Donald is also the former national options manager with Charles Schwab who hosted a Los Angeles, California based stock market television show on the stock market channel.

His unique perspective on public company analysis is a global publishing sensation, having reached investors in places as diverse as Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, India,
and Canada.

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